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Turmeric Powder Medicinal Grade | Organic BIO | 500 gr

€15.00 EUR

Samskara’s Turmeric powder is a powerful antioxidant and a very common spice added to South Asian foods for it’s potent profile of nutrients. It is a root vegetable, it is packed with copper, calcium, iron, phosphorus!  

Our Organic Turmeric Powder aids with indigestion, heartburn, is a natural anti-inflammatory compound, improves brain function, maintains and improves bone, teeth, hair and nail health (as it can also be used externally) and furthersome has countless other benefits which has left the scientific and medical community stunned!  

Our Turmeric Powder is Organic/BIO, GMO-free, oil and palm oil-free, sulfites free, sugar-free, vegan-friendly and free from chemicals and additives – 100% Natural from Earth! We recommend it for all ages and all genders. 

We recommend adding 5-7gr of Turmeric Powder into your food while cooking, it could also be added to smoothies and vegetable juices additionally as to soups, flours mixes and even tea or golden milk recipe. We suggest cooking Turmeric on low heat with a little fat-soluble addition such as nut milk or ghee or coconut oil. It activates better with black pepper coupled.

Our Turmeric Powder is packed in a Kraft bag made with recycled materials, has a zip lock so you can store it. Once used, please re-cycle/re-use it efficiently and sustainably. Store in a cool and dry spot away from direct sunlight. Samskara’s Turmeric Powder is sourced from planet Earth, to be more precise,from India.


    Samskara is more than just another food company. Samskara firmly believes the key to wellbeing is feeling strong, alive, capable and confident. The name Samskara comes from the Sanskrit sam (complete or joined together) and kara (action, cause, or doing). True to our identity, their purpose is to create harmony between people and plants. This journey starts with the quest to find naturally energizing, nutrient-rich, sourced sustainably plants from their original environments. We search for producers and farmers whose approach and values match our own ensuring that we provide you with nothing but the best.