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Aniksa Pottery

Wild Print Incense Holder

€18.50 EUR

The Wild Print Incense Holder is a perfect gift to yourself, your family or friends. It is made by throwing on wheel from light speckled clay and covered with driftwood/ochre/brown glazes inside and outside. Suitable for a dishwashing machine. Note: As the incense holders are subject of handmade craft they could slightly differ in height, diameter, and weight.
2 - 2,5 cm height



Irina Malaskina, is the woman behind Aniksa Pottery who started her career in pottery during the pandemic of 2020 when she moved to The Netherlands from Ireland with a strong desire to learn. Her influences are heavily based in Eastern European folklore and traditions, Irish picturesque nature, Dutch architecture & design. She loves handmade pottery, especially handbuilding techniques as this is the process that builds a relationship with the piece.

Why should you buy Aniksa Pottery handcrafted pottery? While creating she builds a unique handmade special relationship with every piece by dedicating all the attention and giving the hug / rub to every millimetre. Such pieces are entirely unique and carry the love, soul and aesthetic of their maker.

Additionally, handmade pottery plays a significant role in the sustainable and slow living movement. It involves recycling, preserving, lowering waste and teaching appreciation of things around us.