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Wonder Wick

Wonder Wick Vegan Candle - Clarity 30CL

€33.00 EUR

Clarity blends the grounding effects of Cedarwood with the invigorating scent of Lemon and the soothing properties of Clary Sage, fostering an environment that supports focus and mental sharpness.

Light it while engaging in your meditation routines to boost concentration, or place it within your work area to foster a calm and focused environment.

Candle details:
40 hour burn time
210 gr Net.
Made with pure essential oils and a coconut & rapeseed wax blend

Candle Care:

First burn: Allow the candle to pool across the entire surface for even burning.
Trim wick to 0.6 cm before each use for a controlled flame and longer burn.
Burn for 2–3 hours at a time for optimal fragrance dispersal, and limit sessions to under 4 hours for safety.
Keep the candle away from drafts and use the lid to preserve the scent.


Wonder Wick’s founder, Andrea, discovered the transformative power of mindfulness during her battle with anxiety. She creates aromatherapy candles crafted with a blend of vegan wax and pure essential oils, each chosen for its aromatherapy benefits. The candles are not just tools to help you immerse yourself in moments of peace but also a way to embrace the small acts that make a significant impact on well-being. Join Andrea on this journey of self-discovery and intentional living and remember the importance of taking a moment for yourself. Let Wonder Wick candles light a path to mindfulness and create a space for your senses.