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Jack Rabbit Chocolate Studio

Amsterdam Chocolate bar 80g.

€8.50 EUR

70g geometric art bar

Welcome to Jack Rabbit Chocolate Studio, where we believe that chocolate is more than just a treat - it's an experience. Founded by Stephanie, a working mother who studied programming before she discovered her passion for chocolate, our company started modestly in Stephanie's kitchen in South Africa. What began as a small operation supplying chocolate to a local restaurant quickly drew a crowd of chocolate-hungry fans to Stephanie's house. It was clear that it was time to open a store, and before we knew it, Jack Rabbit Chocolate Studio had grown into one of the most respected chocolate studios in South Africa.


We are dedicated to restoring the art of handmade chocolate in a world full of mass production. Because formal training is not available in South Africa, Stephanie has made it her mission to teach young and ambitious women how to become award-winning chocolatiers. Our journey has just begun, but we are determined and passionate about spreading the wonder of chocolate.

We invite you to join this sweet journey and taste the difference for yourself. Thank you for choosing Jack Rabbit Chocolate Studio.